The Sentry Drone

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The sentry drone has a thrust vectoring system so it can as well hover still as reach extreme speeds with the aid of its auxiliary engines. It’s equipped with three separately controlled laser scanners and multiple cameras / devices for tracking and surveillance. Nothing gets unnoticed when this piece of art machine is on the job! The drone also comes with four turnable and rotating hi-power guns that can take out almost any target it may face!

Drone Figure (.DUF, .OBJ, and .CR2)
7 parented props (hidden by default):
Front scanner beam
Left scanner beam
Right scanner beam
Main engine exhaust
Center engine exhaust
Left engine exhaust
Right engine exhaust
Moving parts (with control dials)
Main engine nozzle turns 90 deg.
Guns extend sideways
Guns rotate +/-180 deg.
Gun convergence +-/ 11.5 deg.
Scanners turn both horizontally and vertically +/- 52 deg.
Scanners rotate +/-180 deg.
Show/hide presets for the parented props
16 Material / Pose presets:
Turn lights ON/OFF (for camera lenses)
Turn scanners ON/OFF
Turn engines ON/OFF all at once
Turn engines ON/OFF one by one
DAZ Studio MAT preset for exhaust props
DAZ Studio MAT preset for scanner beam props
Textures include:
3 Texture Maps (4096 x 4096)
3 Texture Maps (3072 x 3072)
3 Texture Maps (2048 x 2048)
1 Texture Map (1024 x 1024)
1 Texture Map (1024 x 512)
1 Texture Map (680 x 2048)
1 Texture Map (512 x 512)
3 Texture Maps (256 x 256)
1 Texture Map (252 x 512)
1 Texture Map (175 x 512)
Texture Templates available through the Product Library
DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DSA)
Poser Material Presets (.MC6)
Poser Material Poses (.PZ2)


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