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The Princess of The Elves is a, highly detailed twenty-piece fantasy outfit created for DAZ’s Victoria 3. Designed with superior hyper-optimized geometry free of triangulation. This ensures ultra-fast renders, along with a really light outfit. This will allow you to load multiple characters along with complete outfits without overloading system memory. Push your fantasies to the MAX!

Along with a better design, The Princess of The Elves outfit also features 57 built-in morphs to suit practically any custom figure you create!

Also, 72 different texture sets are supplied with the outfit! With practically all colors and patterns included, you could mix and match all day long – creating literally hundreds of different combinations – EVERY item in this 20-piece outfit has 72 different textures! This is equivalent to buying an outfit with 1440 conventional Poser MAT files! All 72 texture sets for every item of the outfit is cleverly and conveniently packed into just 72 Modular MAT files :)!

Here’s the items you get with your purchase of The Princess of The Elves outfit:

i. Conforming Elf Bodice
ii. Conforming Elf Arrow Case
iii. Conforming Elf Arrow
iv. Conforming Elf Bow
v. Conforming Elf Thigh Bands – R & L
vi. Conforming Elf Boots – R & L
vii. Conforming Elf Gauntlets – R & L
viii. Conforming Elf Shoulder Pads – R & L
ix. Conforming Elf Bow
x. Conforming Elf Double Swords
xi. Conforming Elf Earrings
xii. Conforming Elf Headdress
xiii. Conforming Elf Necklace
xiv. Conforming Elf Ring
xv. Conforming Elf Scabbards (Empty and Full)

To help you get started, a basic ‘Princess of Elves’ pose file is also included as a starting point for you to build your own poses with the outfit. You could find it in the Pose/BVH FANTASYWEAR/ directory.

Also, included FREE with your puchase is a copy of the BVH ProStudio Light Set v1.2 – featuring a basic radiosity simulation that will allow you to create awesome realistic renders with Poser 4 time-after-time!


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