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The Office Tower is a set of twelve props replicating a modern office building
complete with furniture and accent pieces. The set also features a separate
side wall and front wall that can be used or not depending on your scene

The Office Tower set provides a fully modeled interior and exterior so it can be
used as both an exterior building model or interior office building lobby.
Although the actual office rooms are not defined, all of the doors leading into
the spaces swing open to simulate entering and exiting the office areas. The
tower office area is a separate prop and can be stacked to create a tower of
any desired height.

The spacious interior provides an upper deck area along with a fully modeled
elevator complete with posable doors. Also included is a separate grounds prop
that includes movable site lighting and a small plaza area.

The Office Tower set comes with a PZ3 files that will load in the set with all
of the room props and a default lighting scheme and also provides ten camera
presets to move about the interior.

Light-weight and functional The Office Tower set will accommodate any of your
office building – lobby scenes.


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    March 31, 2013

    This has been on my wish list for some time. Thanks!

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