The New World Vol. 1,2,3 – Pre-Columbian

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Like to build your own? Here is a stock library of Pre-Columbian building parts ready for you to do just that! Take the scene into your own hands and build your own jungle temple. Transpond quality of modeling and textures with mix and match modularity!

Pre-Columbian Trivia:

The New World is one of the names used for the continents of North and South America collectively, in use since the 16th century. The continents were new to the Europeans, who knew the world consisting only of Europe, Asia, and Africa (the Old World).

These days, the term is generally used in a historical context when talking about the European discovery of the Americas, as in discussions of Spanish exploration, Christopher Columbus, et cetera.

I have been informed these files work fine in Daz Studio 3 & 4.5

The New World Vol. 1 – Pre-Columbian
The New World Vol. 2 – Pre-Columbian
The New World Vol. 3 – Pre-Columbian


Winter Cottage
Transport Spaceships


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