The Marble Room

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Poser 4 or above-PC/MAC

When you un-zip, winzip will ask you whether you want to take off some of
your textures, as the file of Palace Of the Dream textures has also got the
name of Privilege Palace and it uses some of Privilege Palace textures. You
can safely say : Yes. They will be replaced by the same textures.

You will be able and lucky to give some more style and depth in your scene
when using Palace Of Dream.

1 ? do as described previously to build your Palace of Dream
2 – select ” pp_background_1 ” ; it is the large bas-relief which is in the
middle of the marble wall, at the back of Palace
3 ? take it off
4 ? place in your Marble Room

As you can observe, your scene is richer in details and in depth when you
add Palace Of Dream.

Required: Link to post:
Palace Of Dream



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