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Usage tips and limitations:
Within this package you get two distinctly different characters.
Myrael, a young and fresh character with slightly sun tanned skin, and the darker skinned Rathanael with a more mature body and a unique custom morphed face.
We have separated their morphs and materials into different folders to make it easy for you to locate their separate options.
However, you can use some of their materials together, for example swap eyebrows, lashes, eyes. Rathanael comes with face options for painted brows and no brows, so Myrael’s brows can be used on her as well, combined with Rathanael browless maps.

Aside from these exceptions, all of the body and most of the face options for both characters cannot be combined.
Rathanael comes with partial options for her body, but those will only work on her and not on Myrael. Same applies to the exchangeable lip options of Myrael, etc.

The Malaik characters comes with the following options:
one separate dialed head INJ and REM
one custom morphed separate head INJ and REM
one custom morphed ear INJ and REM for the elf ears
two separate dialed body INJ and REM
3 full MATs for the Myrael character
9 face MATs for the Myrael character, including Make Ups
6 eye MATs for the Myrael character
7 lip MATs for the Myrael character
6 brow & lash MATs for the Myrael character
1 full MAT for the Rathanael character
10 partial MATs for several parts of the body Rathanael character
15 face MATs, including brow and no brow options Rathanael character
13 eye MATs Rathanael character
2 lip MATs Rathanael character
1 brow & lash MAT Rathanael character
all MATs come with advances Poser 7 + shaders and DS material options

The Malaik wings, the Malaik outfit and the free Malaik lance make perfect matches to these two heavenly ladies!


The Malaik outfit
Tiffany Flair for Mavka


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