The Jewelry Store : Set 1

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Introducing PropsChick’s new jewelry store for V4,A4,G4, Set 1. This will be a series of Jewelry sets and matching props for a low price so that anyone can mix and match their favorites. The materials created for this set will work in future sets with new jewelry as you collect them all!

What’s included here???

1 Morphing/Conforming Crystal Necklace (All V4’s FBMS with G4/A4)

Left and Right Smart Prop Crystal Earrings

Left and Right Smart Prop Crystal Bracelets

Left and Right Smart Prop Crystal Armlets

1 Crystal Staff Prop

1 Crystal Crown Smart Prop

Default Mats for the jewelry

20 Different Crystal Materials
7 different Metal Materials
30 Patterned Materials
20 Pearly Materials

Materials for Poser, not sure if these work in DS. Materials can be mixed and matched or colors changed in the material room to match really any outfit/look.


Colors for Innocent Hair
Deviously: Dark Cameos

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