The Internment Tomb

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Dark, damp, and downright dreadful. And not to mention the smell of death. So is the Internment Tomb. Tombs such as this one, often under a church or other civil building was common in the old world, back when village graves had to be dug by hand, and a place was needed to store the bodies until burial during the long winter months in which the ground was frozen and imposable to dig. Often, the same person that dug the graves also built the shaky coffins and performed what little embalming practices there may have been at the time. As townsfolk died over the winter, the gravedigger would build their caskets and inter them in Tombs like this one until the spring.

The Internment Tomb is a prop set for your renders in Poser and DAZ Studio. It features a modular room, stairs, and door which can be rearranged into different configurations. The walls, floors, ceilings, and steps are separated into many small props, so that any one can simply be toggled off for unrestricted camera control in the tight spaces of the tomb. Along with this set are three wooden ‘toe pincher’ coffins, each in a various state of decay. They each have opening, or removable, lids to view better what may be inside. Six candle props are provided to set the atmosphere. Three candles come on iron or old brass stands, and are morphing for length. The other three candles are without bases and low poly, so you can use them on anything, and lots of them. Mat file presets allow you to light the flame of the candles, or blow them out. To add details to your scenes, the set comes with a heavy table, a cross, a skull, and a handful of embalming tools for your undertakers to perform their duties with. The set is topped off with broken wood scraps that can be scattered about the floor. For your convenience, material presets for both Poser and DAZ Studio are provided for all props of this set.



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