The Heart of the Matter

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A tree in the forest has no option for moving on to greener pastures when the going gets tough. It must grow where it is planted. There are many things we can learn from this growing while standing still.

I often seek the solace of nature when I am experiencing emotional turmoil. It can feel overwhelming to experience the many things I cannot control about my life and my relationships. In sitting still and allowing the peaceful perfection of the natural world to act as my safety net I find that I am able to ground myself and allow that peace to resonate within me. Sitting quietly under the shade of an old tree assists me to let go of the extraneous things that distract me, to go deeper into my own truth and to get to the core of whatever is currently bothering me ? to get to the Heart of the Matter.

It is from this still, quiet space of standing still that I experience the most inner growth and I learn once again what it means to grow where you are planted. The Heart of the Matter is an invitation to sit still for a while, connect with your own truth and allow the peaceful perfection of nature to be reflected as peace within you.


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