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You know the tools we use are great and the selection of different props is staggering but why cant more props be like the human models we use? All the different characters we see in the galleries are based on a handful of very well designed versatile models. Well heres a step in the right direction The Gun sets give you one base prop character the multigun, and dozens of smart props to make any firearm you can imagine (almost).
The Gun2 builds on the original multi-gun to allow for more exotic designs than the original the Gun. By its self the Gun2 allows you to pick and choose from fifty one smart props to build hundreds of custom guns, the Gun2 also comes with a selection of mat poses for the multi-gun pistol to make getting the right look easier. By its self the Gun2 is great but combine it with the Gun and the possibilities are truly limitless. Featured groups of this set are the crossbow, painball marker, circa 1950 ray-gun, tech panels, AK47 front and more heavy and tech weapons parts. Set includes 1 posable multigun character, 51 smart props, 6 mat poses, 55 textures Updated to incude 3 additional smart props and 33 premade guns (for more exotic styles some moving and resizing may be necessary).


Beauty Queen V4/A4/G4


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