The Gun by Mock

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Are you tired of finding that perfect unique gun prop only to find that a dozen other artists have it as well, are you feed up with not being able to find exactly what you need. Do you whish that you could pick and choose your parts?

Would you like a gun that could be adapted to a number of situations that can go from the most unique special-weapons piece to a mundane M-16 or shotgun? Well here you go 51 smart props, 1 base gun character, 1 conforming character, 64 textures all to allow you to make that perfect gun it s all here barrels, stocks, magazines, sights, and more. Just choose the base gun and then select the props you want added to it (for more exotic styles some moving and resizing may be necessary) Hundreds of guns from one set how can you go wrong? Newly added 33 premade guns and 2 tutorial pics


Tribalistic Geometry .OBJ pack
The Dark Union - combo pack


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