The Girl Next Door 4: Athletic

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One of the most highly regarded V4 characters gets its second major update.

GND4:Athletic is a meticulously hand morphed character based on a live model that gives V4 a more fit and anatomically correct look that is impossible to achieve with mere dial twists or morph packs. This is a full custom morph that requires only the V4.x base model to work.

Her high-resolution textures are tailored to her specific body shape and morph, and include proper blushing in the muscles and lower extremities as opposed to an unnaturally even solarium/flood fill tone.
A shadernode setup for the Poser Firefly? renderer is included, as well as new Poser 9+ SSS shaders. A dozen utility/feature morphs are also included that give her even more versatility than ever before.

SeaFolk Bundle for V4 and A4
Mr Mogawa


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