The Dressing Room

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Whats Included:

The Figures (cr2):

– 08 Folding Dressing Room Screens – Each with a different design
(The Dressing Room Screens fold, just as a real folding dressing room screen would, by using the rotate dial)

**You can EASILY alter the transparency of the screen material by going into the material room and just clicking on transparency and setting it to whatever you like, by default the screens are set to .2 but you can set it to 0, all the way to 1.**

The Props (pp2):

– 01 Pre-Load Scene which includes room/floor/walls/plants/coat hook/pictures/globe/rug (switch out these props as you need or add more!) the “pre-load” comes with all props parented to the floor, you can move the entire scene by simply selecting the floor and moving it/rotating it etc. everything will follow! If you add more props, simply parent them to the floor and continue on.

– 01 Floor
– 01 Coat Hook
– 01 Globe
– 02 Potted Plants – with and without lilies
– 01 Throw Rug
– 02 Back Walls – with and without windows
– 02 Side Walls – left wall & right wall
– 01 Set of morphing Blinds – to use with the back wall & windows

– 10 Paintings for the Back Wall
– 10 Paintings for the Left Wall
– 10 Paintings for the Right Wall

**All Paintings load separately, load them all or only a few, move them wherever you want!

The Materials:

– 10 Metals ranging from golds/coppers/silvers/bronze etc. that work on just about anything (perfect for the metal of the screens!)
– 03 Painted Metals red/white/black

– 05 Materials for the Walls
– 05 Materials for the Walls with Windows
– 05 Materials for the Coat Hook
– 05 Materials for the Floor (with slight reflection, easily turn off in material room)
– 05 Materials for the Pots
– 05 Materials for the Throw Rug
– 10 Materials for the Frames
– 20 Materials for the Pictures – these are REAL photos taken with a professional camera by Sveva

All figures load from the Character Library, Props load from the Props Library, and all Materials load from the Materials Library. Easily re-size, rotate, and move props around for lots of different scenes! Size them small or large! Parent additional props into your scene for even more versatility! Beautiful and high quality models and textures, a complete scene for just about anything! Mix and match with other scenes in your runtime!

Easy and fun to use, the perfect “pin up” or every day set!


Kinky Bodysuit

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