The Containment Facility

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Containment Facility is structure of one corridor and 4 ‘observation’ cells (2 on each side). There’s possibility of connecting more corridors with cells together. You can divide them with Airlock prop or connect them without any gap. If You open Airlock all the way, You can get bulkhead between corridors.

Airlock is morphing prop with open/close dial. Cells can be closed with Enforced Glass Door and/or with Shield Door (both props can morph with open/close dial for each door/shield). You’ll get some props for cells: ExaBot or Examination Robot – device that’s placed on ceiling of cell and it’s used to scan and examine ‘subjects’. You can morph it with up/down dial and open/close sensors (but sensors work only in 2 state: open/close – no transition) Chair – there’s nothing much to say; simple prop Bed – can morph in up/down position, but without any changes in geometry Stasis Chamber – Jar like prop for storing bad ‘subjects’.

You can morph level of liquid inside. Simple lamp – but not that simple, can morph in on/off state. I maximally optimized geometry and textures, so connecting more facilities together shouldn’t affect rendering process too much. Still, I kept enough details to achieve great renders. I also added 4 light sets and 9 camera positions


The Room
The Nasty Bathroom

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