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The following items are required to set up basic Cell scene as shown in marketing pictures (tested in Daz Studio, and all the parts import into position and are quick to load)

2 x walls – stair wall with door and cell (dwall.obj) and right hand wall with cell (swallr.obj
1 x cell bars and movable door ( bars.obj and gate.obj)
1 x door at top of stairs. for use with Dwall.obj (door.obj)
1 x Stairs with torture implement(stairs.obj)
1 x Floor (floor.obj)
1 x Hatch for use in floor (hatch.obj)

if you wish to expand the scene you will need to import the desired part and then move new part to area required.

The following items will need to be resized and positioned depending on what you wish to use it for.

1 x Bed ( can be resized to bench or table)
1 x Table
1 x Bucket
1 x Torch (for use on walls)
1 x arm restaint for use with table(cuff.obj)


First Class Stateroom
Swamp Shack Accessories


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