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Using the fantastic Caprucita from Fabiana, it consists of :

– 22 poses for V4
– 22 “tight” poses for the Caperucita and 22 loose ones
– 22 poses for the Hood + 19 ones to match better the loose cape poses (the poses are exactly the same but they fit better the “loose” cape poses)
– bonus : 1 more cape pose and 2 poses for the stand alone bow + 1 zero pose for V4, the Hood and the Cape.

As always, simplicity : the cape poses are applied by one click and no rem poses are needed, everything is done when applying the pose.

IMPORTANT !!! For Poser only !The product was tested in Poser Pro 2012, Poser 8 French, DS3.1 and DS4.6.
The Cape and Hood poses are not compatible with Daz Studio.
Everything works fine with Poser 8 but with you may need to apply the cape pose before the V4 pose or re-apply the V4 pose after loading the cape one.

The “tight” cape poses were made with V4 wearing no outfit and so, they will work better with V4 default body morphs and second skins.
The “loose” cape poses will allow you more flexibility if you want to use clothes as shown in the promo images.
But note it’s dynamic clothing frozen poses and they are first made to be used with V4 default body morphs and second skins and you will get perfect results only if using them that way.

The Hood poses were made with the same short hair and you may need to adjust the poses for other hair set.

The poses were made with or without hight heels and you may need to adjust the y translation of the body for contact with the floor ( the contact to the floor is diiferent according to the version of Poser you use).

All promo images were rendered with Poser Pro 2012, no postwork except for composition, no fix used.

A big thanks to Fabiana who allowed me to make that set of poses for her Caperucita.

Hope you will enjoy that new product !!

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