The Briefing Room

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This multi-usage, multipurpose room can be used for your briefings, meetings, or as office or classroom areas depending on the elements you choose to move or remove. A large choice of loads options: 1. Load the main scene (floor, ceiling and the four wall areas) and add one of the five corresponding central area options: 01 chairs only, 02 “classroom alignment” tables and chairs, 03 Cshape tables and chairs configuration, 04 UShape tables and chairs configuration, 05 Two Work Areas, tables and chairs. 2. Load one of the five different scenes preset and ready to go (with lights and cameras for DAZ users). 3. Load any of these useful areas separately depending on your camera angle (North, South, East and West Areas, Room Floor, Ceiling and the five “Room Centers” come separated), allowing you to remove and then reload a full area once your lights, characters and cameras are posed and placed. You will find many elements to customize your room: Many Props (in the room or as separate props): Three different flags shapes, cabinets, coffee pots, printer, fax, TV screens, tables, chairs, Video Screen, books and box, fire alarm, wall switches, wall plugs, clock, a lectern, folders, and hand markers for M4, V4, and Genesis right and left hands. Different Materials presets: Five different flag patterns (UNO, USA, Europe, China, NATO, Olympic), and flag’s wood support can be turned metallic. Chair structure can be turned to white or black plastic and metallic. ON/OFF options are available for : TVs, Beamer, Beamer Screen. White Board can be written on, written on a wiped layer, clean, wiped. Four material options for the lectern to cover most situations, material options for bin and door. Morphing Elements: Lectern Micros and Lectern Shape, Video Screen opening/closing Mobile elements : Door, Door Handle, the needles of the clock (each separately – hours, minutes, seconds). Special “fake” irradiance maps are included in order to fake the real repartition of light on the walls, ceiling and floor in DAZ and Poser (can be removed for people using unbiased renders). Starter cameras and lights are included for immediate rendering or as a basis of further development of your scene : – 13 camera presets to be sure to start “in the room” with appropriate camera settings, loaded at once for DAZ and Poser 9 and above users, or individual camera load for poser 8 and less. – Four Lights Presets : one cold light, one warmer light, and one variation for each of them. This product is available either as a standalone, or as a bundle including The Briefing Room Poses.





The Briefing Room Poses
All the Right Moves for V4


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