The Blood Mummy

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This add-on pack requires the Mesh Manglers Skeleton Bones Pack. This pack consists of 30 individual bandage smartprops in both a plain cloth and bloodied cloth state. These are NOT painted bandages on the skeleton mesh but individual and separate bandage meshes.

The bandage props for the Skeleton cover:

Upper Arm (Left/Right)
Forearm (Left/Right)
Hand (Left/Right)
Thigh (Left/Right)
Shin (Left/Right)
Foot (Left/Right)

There is also a head bandage smartprop for the standalone Skull that ships with the Skeleton Bones Pack. Figure files are provided so that the Skeleton and all the bandages can be added to your scene with just a single click, or you can add just the bandages you want individually.

There are also 4 additional MAT Poses to compliment those provided in the Skeleton Bones Pack to give a bloodied version of the Skeleton Bones and standalone Skull model.

The pack also contains an axe and shield prop in both the bloodied and unbloodied state.

There is a sarcophagus smartprop and figure file that will load the bandaged mummy in an ‘at rest’ pose already inside the sarcophagus.

The following 6 poses are included:

Ambling – A zombie like walk pose.
Attack 1,2,3 and 4 – Various attack postures incorporating the shield and axe props.
At Rest – Standard embalmed pose.

There are 2 had poses – One for the Axe and one for the Shield. This is a versatile package that together with the Skeleton Bones Pack allows a wide variety of bandage (bloodied/unbloodied), eye colour and teeth type combinations.

Requirements: Skeleton Bones Pack



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