The 7 Steps To Great Art Now – Intro

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Focusing on fun & speed, master the process of making beautiful art step by step, from your idea, to the final image you can show off to your friends or clients.

With professional 3D artist, 3D coach and bestselling DAZ 3D vendor, Val Cameron a.k.a. Waldemar B. from Dreamlight.

What’s Included & Features

5 Min 15 Sec Video
Overview Of The 7 Steps To Great Art Now
How Everything Is Connected
Why 3D Is Called 3D When Your Images Turn Out Flat
Step 1: Software, What You Need And Don’t Need To Quickly Get Moving
Step 2: Scene Creation, Become Your Own DIrector And Design Your Own Set Which Then Becomes The Base Of Your Art
Step 3: Posing And Morphing, Make Your Characters Look Good
Step 4: Camera, Capture The Beauty And Mood
Step 5: Lighting, Make Or Break Your Art, Lighting Is 90% Of Your 3D Art
Step 6: Rendering, The Settings You Need To Create The Final Images As Quickly And With As High Quality As You Want
Step 7: Postwork, Enhance Your Images And Make Them POP


QuadSpinner Waterscapes
Content Folder Twins

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