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Simply described: TerraPak contains a highly usable collection of tools (over 60Mb), along with a systematized approach for rendering photo-realistic images, quickly. Wait a minute. Quickly? As you may have heard, Terragen renders are sometimes measured in days, not hours. How can Vue achieve the same results in a fraction of the time? Well, the proof is in … the render. Many of the images you’ll see here were rendered at a resolution of 1600 x 900, in under 20 minutes!

Included in TerraPak are scenes to get you started. We’ve also added a few high quality terrain maps, which may be loaded into existing terrains.

We’ve included sets of textures, which are tuned to each other, and optimized for both speed and high quality rendering. You’ll also find something we call a TerraTemplate — a tool that visualizes the final textures and materials as you design your mountain. And then there’s TerraWater, which renders fast and shows the foam edge at the shoreline.

Also, we’ve thrown in a couple of speedy atmospheres, as well. The Standard atmosphere is quick and easy. The Spectral atmosphere renders more slowly, but results in higher quality.

Finally, we’ve included a render-settings preset, along with secrets for optimizing the render and material settings. We even offer you a few tips on how to add EcoSystems to your Terra creations.

But, perhaps the best part of TerraPak is the 35 page TerraPak E-book, which walks you through installing and using all the tools. Plus there are dozens of other tips and techniques which will help you with your Vue scenes. You’ll be rendering minutes after you download TerraPak from our automated servers.

Who is TerraPak designed for?

TerraPak works exclusively with Vue 6 Esprit and Infinite on both Mac and PC.

First off, if you just purchased or are new to Vue, you should first learn the program and how to get around in it. In order to use TerraPak, you don’t need to be a master of any sort, but you should have some experience knowing how to apply textures and edit terrains. Much of the work is done for you, and you should be able to follow along with the TerraPak manual and in short time be knocking out some fantastic renders!

If you’re an advanced Vue user, you can take advantage of some of the custom functions included in the toolkit to create even more textures. You’ll also want to take apart our TerraPak materials, textures, and scenes, and examine them, as well as how we’ve created the system using Terra Templates to quickly and easily apply textures to whole worlds. Also, TerraPak works with textures you may have from other products.


The Gothic Castle
The Battlefield

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