Terrains in Vue

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Project Files Included
Software used Vue 10 xStream

In this series of Vue tutorials we will explore the different types of terrains Vue has to offer and how to modify them using the Terrain Editor. We will begin by learning how to create and modify the different types of terrains in Vue xStream. Then we’ll ease into using the Terrain Editor where we’ll learn how to use most of the major tools used to create some amazing terrains.

1. Introduction and project overview 00:53
2. Discovering standard terrains 05:49
3. Procedural and infinite terrains 06:44
4. Creating spherical terrains 04:31
5. Introducing the terrain editor 16:43
6. Using the function editor to modify procedural terrains 10:51
7. Touching up procedural terrains 10:04
8. Using constraints to help with sculpting 06:41
9. Painting materials in the terrain editor 12:11

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