Terraformers Canyon Lake

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? Landscape figure with thirty morphs: Pocked, Rocky 4, Rocky 3, Rocky 2, Strata, Ridged, Raise Front Right, Raise Mid Right, Raise Back Right, RaiseBackMiddle, Raise Left, Rocky, Back Rocky, Back Mountains, Drop Front, Rocky River 2, Rocky River, Raise River Smooth, Raise River, Mountain Banks, Rocky Banks, Raise Banks, Raise Edges, Eroded Sloping, Eroded, Sloping Banks, FlatRocky, Swampy, Flatten, and Flatten2
? Water figure with five morphs: Wave3, Wave2, Wave, DropSides,and Drop Front
? seven ground terrain textures (2000×2000) created from photographs
? Five water terrain textures
? Four height mapped combination textures



Haywire for Cyber Japan

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