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Sensual, seductive and alluring, Tamora brings temptation to all who meet her deadly gaze. With eyes that mesmerize and capture your soul, your Runtime will never be the same! Tamora comes with a beautiful skin and 2 second skins with and without Tattoo options, a sultry custom head morph and an enticing DAZ dialed body morph ensuring she will easily fit in all your favorite outfits. She also comes with 6 makeup options and 8 gorgeous eye colors.

Morphs & Mat Poses

Tamora Head INJ/REM
Tamora Body INJ/REM
1 Default Mat
1 Tattoo Mat
2 Second Skin Mats (with & without Tattoos)
6 Makeup Mats
8 Eye Mats


1 Default Head
1 Default Torso
1 Tattoo Torso
4 Second Skin Torsos
1 Default Limbs
6 Head Makeups
8 Eyes Maps
1 Teeth Gum
1 Cornea Trans
1 Lash Trans


The Captain

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