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Talk Show Late Night Set and Poses is an interior environment prop set for Daz Studio with optimized material and lights for both 3Delight and Iray render engines.

30 distinct and unique poses for Genesis 2 Male and Genesis 2 Female, for a total of over 60 unique full body poses, provide accurate guest and host interaction as would be seen on a real studio set and include Stand up monologue poses for the host, as well as greetings, interactions between guests, and a few more risque poses as well. The Genesis 2 Females poses are designed with a 3 inch heel shoe in mind. The set includes 2 utility poses to change feet from flat to heel and vice versa. There are also a number of speaking facial expressions, and face and neck reset poses. Use the face reset in between various facial expression poses to get accurate representations. There are also 4 head turned poses that work with the facial poses and add to the versatility.

TV monitor on the wall, easily accepts any wide screen image through the surfaces tab. Coffee mug and Glass tumbler, as well as sheets of paper are also included. The larger three dimensional wall logo is also included.

The comfy Guest chairs include multiple squish and seating morphs to add to the reality of guest sitting in them. The host has a well designed office chair. The large omni-directional microphone is strategically position to capture all the verbal dialogue and banter.

Plenty of spotlights illuminate the scene casting multiple shadows just like on a real studio set. The panoramic backdrop of a night time city skyline is also included. Plenty of material zones, allow the option of re-texturing the entire talk show set if necessary. The entire scene is enclosed with a studio shell block wall to assure proper reflection behaviors.

What’s Included and Features
Talk Show late Night Scenes: (.DUF)
Iray and 3Delight Version Available
Comfy Guest Chair:
08 Style Morphs
Host Desk
Host Chair
Side Table
Coffee Mug
Glass Tumbler with water
TV Monitor
Seriously Logo
Large Glass Window with Mullions
02 sheets of Paper
03 sheets of Paper
Omni directional Microphone Tabletop
Poses: (.DUF)
TSLN 0 G2F feet 3inch heel
TSLN 0 G2F feet flats
TSLN G2F guest Headache
TSLN G2F Guest seat2 turn
TSLN G2F Guest seat3
TSLN G2F guest welcome
TSLN G2F guest welcomelook
TSLN G2F Guest2 dropintoseat
TSLN G2F Guest3 WaveAudience
TSLN G2F leanonDesk
TSLN G2F seat2 crossarms
TSLN G2F sit attitude
TSLN G2F sit feetup
TSLN G2F sit point double
TSLN G2F sit point self
TSLN G2F sit pointaudience
TSLN G2F sit pointaudience2
TSLN G2F sitchair crossarms
TSLN G2F sitchair hands
TSLN G2F sitchair oh
TSLN G2F sitchair theyknow
TSLN G2F sitchair
TSLN G2F stand shakehand
TSLN G2F standonchair point
TSLN G2F standonstep point
TSLN G2F standonstep2 point
TSLN G2F TakeASeat
TSLN G2F Walkon heels
TSLN G2F Walkon
TSLN G2M Guest2 clap
TSLN G2M Guest2 handshake
TSLN G2M Guest2 talk
TSLN G2M Guest3 clap
TSLN G2M Guest3 sidechair
TSLN G2M Host armhigh
TSLN G2M host chair paper
TSLN G2M host chair point
TSLN G2M host chair
TSLN G2M host clasp
TSLN G2M host desk lookatme
TSLN G2M host fist desk
TSLN G2M host hands hip
TSLN G2M host highfive
TSLN G2M Host makeapoint
TSLN G2M host reach
TSLN G2M Host rest
TSLN G2M host shrug
TSLN G2M host sitonstep
TSLN G2M host surprised
TSLN G2M Host Welcome
TSLN G2M hostWaves
TSLN G2M monologue clasp
TSLN G2M monologue claspR
TSLN G2M monologue handraised
TSLN G2M monologue hands
TSLN G2M monologue meoryou
TSLN G2M monologue talk
TSLN G2M sitonDesk
TSLN G2M stand bunny
TSLN G2M TakeASeat
TSLN G2M Whatyoudoing
Expressions: (.DUF)
TSLN G2F !Use Reset
TSLN G2F 0 Face Reset
TSLN G2F 0 Neck reset
TSLN G2F Face express
TSLN G2F Face makeaface
TSLN G2F Face Talk1
TSLN G2F Face Talk2
TSLN G2F Face Talk3
TSLN G2F Face Talk6
TSLN G2F Face Talksmile
TSLN G2F LookDown
TSLN G2F LookLeft
TSLN G2F LookRight
TSLN G2M !!Use Reset
TSLN G2M !Reset Face Neck
TSLN G2M Face Hamitup
TSLN G2M Face Talk4
TSLN G2M Face talk5
TSLN G2M Face Talk7
TSLN G2M Face talk8
Textures Include:
43 Texture, and Bump Maps (640 x 640 to 4096 x 2600)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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i13 Bowling Alley Environment with Poses

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