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Tableware allows you to quickly establish a table for your Poser peoples (all objects are sized to Poser).
Thanks to three figures, and many MATS poses (58), you will be able to develop and customize your table quickly.
Indeed manually place each object can be very tedious in Poser, with figures and poses mats, work becomes fun 🙂
In addition, 23 props + external .Obj are provided to add even more customization to your scenes.


– 1 figure (cr2+obj) table with tablecloth parented
– 1 figure (cr2+obj) “table set” boned figure: 3 plates, 8 cutlery, 3 glasses, 1 bell (smart prop)
– 1 figure (cr2+obj) “breakfast set” boned figure: 2 plates, 3 cutlery, 1 coffee pot, 1 tea pot, 1 ravier, 2 cups, 1 sugar bowl
– 23 props (zero position) with external .obj

– 6 MATS poses filets colors
– 2 MATS poses glasses full / glasses empty
– 3 MATS poses metal colors
– 5 MATS poses porcelain color
– 6 MATS poses tablecloth colors
– 5 Poses for the “table set” figure (very fun!) + zero pose
– 3 Poses for the “breakfast set” figure (very fun!) + zero pose
– 25 MATS Poses to hide parts figures (spoon off, plates off, etc…) + show all parts.

Note about props: The poses work only on the figures not on the props. The materials poses works
on the props if a figure is present in the scene.

All materials poses mats were studied individually to offer you a wide variety of possible combinations
(colors and hide each individual pieces).

All promos images render in Poser Pro 2012.
Tested in P7 and P9, not tested in DS.


The Bus Stop
Swan Boat

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