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All of the content in this package was created by Blazerwiccan (Theresa Shafer),and may include derivatives of the following merchant resources:
CB-Fantasy Makeup V.1, CB-Fantasy Makeup V.1, CB-ColorfulMagic-Vol 01 by Christel Bro/Christel-B
Color Splash Nails V4/A4 By: Lamdaria
Gypsy’s Brow Brushes By: Laura Haskell aka gypsyangel
LM MAKE ME UP II for v4 by Luciferino and Morrighan
RMMT Life Life for V4 by Rebelmommy a.k.a Amy and Mint a.k.a Mia
RM Beauty Basics for V4 by Rebelmommy a.k.a Amy Galloway
V4 Vendor-KIT By: kaiZ
V4 Texture Creation and V4 Texture Creation Kit 2 Kit by Vickie Davalos 2008
AlphaMerchantResourceKits 1 and 2 by Sarsa


Cellestia for V4.2-A4-G4


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