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‘Welcome to our little shop. Looking for a new sword, eh?

”Ooh, that one’s a beauty! The blade halves are carved from the stone of Mount Stormwrack, while the focusing crystal was mined from its heart! It’s held together by that energy field, but the blade can close on command. With the blade closed, it’s MUCH lighter than it would normally be, as the magic holding it together is refocused. Just don’t take it into an anti-magic zone.

”That one, ah, yes. It was left with me by the Jarl of Andr’s Hael. Yes, that Jarl, the half-elf who died in last year’s Battle of Garlod Pass. It’s apparently a traditional Elven Dragon Blade, and while it has no special powers, it’s probably one of the sharpest and most well balanced pieces I have!

”And now we come to the Whip Sword. Made of twenty-seven solid steel elements, a master can use its reach and flexibility to harass or to harm, or even entangle with a flick of the wrist! But if you choose this one, be careful – it can just as easily maim you as the enemy!

”So, which do you want? Choose wisely…


Giselle for V4
The Forge by Merlin


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