Swordplay Volume One

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Now, you can create your own swashbuckling sword fight! Posermocap?s motion-captured Swordplay is a construction kit that allows you to build your very own sword fight between Michael 4, Victoria 4.2, and Genesis.

Each animated pose has been designed to blend with all the others, giving countless swordplay variations between two fighters armed with sword and shield. Even better, each pose has been optimized for the characters and all three characters can be paired off to fight against each other. Have Michael 4 fight Michael 4 – or even Victoria 4 or Genesis. Pit Victoria 4 versus Victoria 4, or even Michael 4 or Genesis. And Genesis can sling swords against Genesis, or Michael 4 or Victoria 4. Nine different character combinations.

DAZ Studio users get the added benefit, because each animated pose file has been duplicated into an Aniblock which allows you to drag and drop Aniblocks to build your swordplay and then rearrange it until you have it just the way you like it. Swordplay by Posermocap leverages the power of goFigure?s Animate plugin for DAZ 3D to make creating the swordfight simple and easy.

There are eleven different motion sets included for Attacker and Defender, and each of these includes mirrored poses so that you have have your characters fight right-handed or left-handed. Those eleven option sets work out to forty-four poses per character, or one hundred thirty-two animated pose files (.PZ2) in all with an equal number of Aniblocks.

We have also, courtesy of Porsimo, included a Viking-style Sword and Shield set with three different MAT poses for the shield. With Posermocap?s Swordplay, you have everything you need to get started.


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