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*This product is tested only with Windows-PC.
*This product is tested only with Poser. ( NOT tested with “DAZ|Studio” )

The motion-dial is as follows.

forward or back the trigger
*it doesn’t synchronize with the hammer.

cock or release the hammer
*it doesn’t synchronize with the trigger.

up or down the cylinderstop-latch
*it doesn’t synchronize with the trigger.

forward or back the cylinder release bolt(and Thumbpiece)

forward or back the locking-bolt

the cylinder is taken out left

rotates the cylinder

forward or back the extractor

forward or back the cylinder-center-pin

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    November 27, 2012

    Got this one elsewhere but I wanted to add my thanks for sharing. The designer (motokamishii) makes some of the best weapon models around; I have his model of the Ingram MAC-11 submachine gun which I’ll try to share soon!

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