Swidhelm’s Effloresper Decursus

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The Effloresper Decursus or Swollen Throat(ed) Runner is a dragon that is built to run down it’s prey and make a quick get away. Fast and nimble it can take to the air in a blink. It’s throat swells when threatened or in display when looking for a mate.

The figure has fully articulated wings, and uses the Cloth Lab to simulate the membranes for a more realistic result. There are nine action poses, and nine pre-simulated prop membranes to coincide with said poses for quick images.

There is also a tutorial in the Documentation PDF for the Cloth Lab, which for those who are unfamiliar with the process will give you what you need to know.

There are not many morphs for the dragon. Just eyes close, nostrils close, tongue curl and bend, throat swell.

The dragon does make use of Easy Pose for the neck, tail, wing fingers, and the feet for grasping.


Backdrops Exp. 3 Groty Places
Residential apartment


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