Sweetheart Tree

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For all the playful and romantic encounters, this is a set of 16 artistic poses, 8 for each character and a unique prop exclusive only to this set:
a stylized tree with swirled lines and hearts. The tree comes in eight different versions to be adapted for every scene you can imagine: romantic, gothic, scary, passionate…The possibilities are endless.

The eight trees are:

– Ancient Wood: For Faery lovers, Natural scenes. Perfect to adapt in any enchanted forest. Carved in dark wood with three beating red hearts.

– Demon Tree: Made from the bones of dead lovers and their forever romantic hearts.

– Fire Knight: These hearts burn for love inside the black metal of a hero’s armor.

– Gothic Blood: Thirsts for the eternal love lost to mortality.

– Gothic Mystery: Even the darkest hearts need to feel love.

– Heart of Gold: Pure innocence of first love.

– Heart on Fire: They burn with passion for every lover.

– Organic Life: Gives birth to every new romance.


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