Sweet Darling Outfit and Groceries for Genesis 3 Female(s)

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Sweet Darling Outfit And Accessories is a complete set of sweater, Capri pants, pump shoes, 3 full posable grocery bags, a parented apple, a parented can, and several props of food (cans, cookie boxes, banana, tomato, apples, coffee bag, milk carton, empty grocery bag), and 10 poses for Genesis 3 Female(s).

With Sweet Darling and Accessories you get a very sexy clothing plus a very detailed casual shopping set. Perfect for any scene in the street, indoors, or even pinups. A must have!

Iray materials are included to achieve the quality you need for the new generation of NVIDIA Iray renders, in addition to the traditional 3Delight materials.

The 10 provided poses load just clicking an icon which automatically poses Genesis 3 Female(s) and all the pieces/props. You also have 8 full material presets that apply to all the outfit with just a click, and of course partial materials for each piece, and hide options to make it even more customizable. And you can load all the outfit at once or each piece independently.

MATERIALS FEATURES: You have 8 full outfit hierarchical material presets. The sweater, pants and shoes have their own 8 material presets too, and the pants also include 8 belt colors and 8 metals for the buckles, and options to hide and show the belt and buckle. You can mix and match all these materials to get a very customized look! You also have 2 variations of the fresh drink can (orange juice and soda) and also icons to open or close the can, and also to open and close the milk carton, and 2 cookie boxes materials (sweet croissants and doughnuts), 2 apples (dark and light). The full bags also make use of these materials in the props that they contain, so each one is different. Of course you also have an empty grocery bag so you can fill it as you like. Create endless combinations for a lot of situations!

COMPATIBILITY FEATURES: The sweater, pants and pump shoes work with all the Genesis 3 Body Morphs, as all of them have been included when needed, which means full freedom to use any of those morphs in your creations. This product is for Genesis 3 Female(s), including Arabella 7, Bethany 7, Eva 7, Gia 7, The Girl 7, Teen Josie 7, Karen 7, Olympia 7, and Victoria 7. The full grocery bags are parented to Genesis 3’s arms and move with the forearms, so they are easy to pose, and contain different sets of food props, and come in versions for left and right arm. The apple and the can also have a parented version for the right hand. You also have hand and feet poses and icons to zero morphs and transforms.

MORPHING FEATURES: The can and the milk carton include a combination of morph and material that auto-applies with the click of an icon in materials and makes the can look opened and removes the cap in the milk carton. The sweater includes morphs to open or close the back a little, and loosen a bit the wrists and the abdomen part. The pants include morphs for slouch legs, and loosen the knees. Sweater, pants, and shoes include adjustment morphs in case you need them.


This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer



Penthouse Living
MDD Annora for G3V7

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