SV’s Asian Paper Lanterns

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“Asian Paper Lanterns” – a unique set of beautiful high quality props for your scenes!

Whats Included:

The Props:

– 01 Golden Chain for hanging the Lanterns
– 05 Asian Lantern Props

– 06 Props Total

All props load from the props library, you may choose to load just one, all, or any combination you like! If you wish to use the chain, load the chain first, then load your lantern, if you wish to duplicate chain and lantern, first duplicate the chain, then the lantern, and parent the new duplicate to the new chain, move just the chain and the lantern will go with it! Continue doing this until you have as many as you like in your scene!

The Materials:

Each lantern has it’s own template, and comes in 12 different colors to choose from!

– 12 Materials for Lantern 01
– 12 Materials for Lantern 02
– 12 Materials for Lantern 03
– 12 Materials for Lantern 04
– 12 Materials for Lantern 05

– Note – the chain only comes in gold, but can be easily changed to any metal of your choice in the material room! You can also adjust the diffuse color and experiment!


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