SV’s Arm Bangles

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SV’s Arm Bangles

Whats Included:

The Props:

– 08 Arm Bangles – Left Arm
– 08 Arm Bangles – Right Arm

– These are smart props with some included morphs for adjustments such as “Fix on Twist” and “Tighten” – not all bangles need/come with these morphs. For adjustment mostly you will use the normal Poser dials for rotate/trans/scale.

– These smart props will load on V4s upper arm and are parented to her shoulder. You can use them other areas if you wish to manually adjust such as ankles or bracelets.

– There is 08 unique & different styles to choose from, and you can load one style on the left and another on the right!

– Perfect for fairies, mermaids, elves, fantasy, gothic, warriors, princesses, contemporary, modern, almost anything! One of those essential products that adds that extra special touch to your renders!

The Materials:

Each Arm Bangle comes with 03 Specific Material set created just for that bangle, I highly recommend also using your own materials such as my Shades of Earth for the gem stones!

Each set is in its’ own folder labeled 01-08, these materials are only for the specified bangle

Each Arm Bangle comes in a gold/silver/copper combination, some have gemstones/beads you can change however you want!

– 03 Material Sets for Arm Bangle 01
– 03 Materials for Arm Bangle 01 Trim

– 03 Material Sets for Arm Bangle 02
– 03 Materials for Arm Bangle 02 Trim

– 03 Material Sets for Arm Bangle 03
– 03 Materials for Arm Bangle 03 Trim

– 03 Material Sets for Arm Bangle 04

– 03 Material Sets for Arm Bangle 05

– 03 Material Sets for Arm Bangle 06

– 03 Material Sets for Arm Bangle 07

– 03 Material Sets for Arm Bangle 08

– 10 Metals that can be used on Anything!


All props load from the props library. All props will load already parented to V4! You can adjust each prop with the scale, rotate, and trans dials, plus the included morphs where available. You may use these on any character with adjustments and re-parenting.

– Easily change hues/colors via the material room by changing the diffuse colors & edge blends.

– Easy and fun to use, the perfect companion set for your renders, portraits, promos, gothic, fantasy, mermaids, fairies, romantic, warriors, elves, and so much more!

High quality models & shaders should work in DAZ Studio but with re-parenting & adjustments to materials, morphs may not work in DAZ. At this time DAZ Studio support is not offered.

– Templates included, however, as these rely heavily on materials, only templates for the bangles that may require textures are included.

Thank you for your interest in my products!


Dazzle for Arm Bangles

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