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The Sixth Official Tutorial by Sveva…

The perfect compliment to any Artist/Vendor, lots of tips/tricks for perfecting your promo images, saving, creating rounded edge borders, creating templates, text effects, layer styles, render advice…its all jam packed into this tutorial!

In the “Tips & Tricks Tutorial 01” I cover everything from setting up your work space to creating a full template for your promotional images (as a vendor, quite useful!), I talk about creating many different kinds of borders, I briefly touch on rendering tips/advice, create an easy text effect you can use on just about anything! Learn to use layer masks to fade out your characters, and find out how I put it all together!

Wanting to learn more about Photoshop? Want to see how another Artist/Vendor does it?

Here is what you get:

63 Page Full Color Tutorial Files in both DOC/PDF

01 PSD Layer Practice Promo Template
02 PSD Layer Practice Thumbnails
01 PSD Layer Practice Top Image/PNG
01 Seamless Striped Tile
02 Practice Renders
03 Text Layer Styles

You DO NOT need a Graphics Tablet/Pen!

The included files are yours to keep, though the renders are just for practice, you may re-use my own template if you like for your own promotional images.

All you need is Photoshop though you may find this tutorial is adaptable to PSP or other graphics programs with layers/and similar tools.

This tutorial was written in PhotoshopCS3 but may work in other versions.

ALL the steps I take to prepare my images to display, all the steps I take to create my promotional images!

Enjoy the easy to use and easy to read PDF (or Word/Doc) tutorial, as you can quickly jump to each section and pick up where you left off!


SV Texturing for Beginners
SV Magical Effects Tutorial


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    April 3, 2013

    need all the help i can get…lol…thank you Blazer

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    April 4, 2013

    thanks so much…I needed this 🙂 I will be able to open it on my other computer while I am working for when I get stumped 🙂

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    April 5, 2013

    Very helpful… thank you very much

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