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The Seventh Official Tutorial by Sveva…

I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked about my “magical effects” and “sparkles” I have taken the time to create for this tutorial 20 Magical Effects and write down all of the steps I take to get a beautiful glowy magical look combining these effects, layer styles/tricks, and sparkle brushes!

In the “Magical Effects Tutorial” I cover everything from briefly touching on Point Lights in Poser (not required), to completing sparkle and glow effects for your subjects. Take your render or photo from ordinary to extraordinary within these 40 pages! Make your post work lighting light up your characters as if its really bouncing off his/her skin illuminating your image…

Always wondered how to get that sparkly effect? Guess no more, here it is!

Here is what you get:

40 Page Full Color Tutorial Files in both DOC/PDF

01 PSD Layer File complete with ALL of my layers to the final image (
20 Magical Effects in PNG format you can use in your images
01 Practice render in PNG format
01 Background 2400×3000 from my Forest Whispers Set

You do not need any additional files for this tutorial, I go over how to set up the default star/sparkle brush that comes with PS to achieve a sparkly effect. Though I do recommend a nice set of sparkle brushes to achieve even more beautiful sparkles!

You do not need a graphics tablet. All of the steps within the tutorial are doable with a mouse, in fact for 99% of this tutorial I use my mouse, except when I switch to my favorite sparkle brush set, the rest is done by hand with a mouse, and that step is optional.

The included files are yours to keep, though the render & the PSD file is just for practice, you may keep and use the background for commercial/personal use.

This tutorial does not cover touching up the hair or other post work steps (though you can find a lot of those in my previous tutorials “Painterly Tutorial” & “Blending Tutorial), however it does briefly mention the steps I take and my layers are ALL included, so even though I don’t cover the hair – the layer is there for you to look at! I have left NOTHING out.

All you need is Photoshop though you may find this tutorial is adaptable to PSP or other graphics programs with layers/layer styles (outer glow) and similar tools.

This tutorial was written in PhotoshopCS3 but may work in other versions.

ALL the steps I take to give my images that pretty glowy effect, complete with all my layers for my sparkles!

Enjoy the easy to use and easy to read PDF (or Word/Doc) tutorial, as you can quickly jump to each section and pick up where you left off!


SV Tips & Tricks Tutorial 01
Capturing the Brilliance of Light


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    April 3, 2013

    so very good…thank you Blazer

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    April 3, 2013

    Thank You @Blazer, my special effects are always the worst part of my renders, maybe now I can improve!

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