Surprise Me! – Expressions for V4

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As we walk moonlit streets, the smallest scurry of a mouse can alight in our hearts as a flutter of fear. Of course, we would never admit it. As quick as the startlement arrives it fades, forgotten. Yet, we still quicken our step as we hurry home…

Here you will find expressions of startlement, happy surprise, winces of sympathy, and even that bright flash of fear. The expressions that are so fleeting, lasting barely an instant, and yet so recognizable in that moment that they often elicit a similar response in those watching them.

We do not think before we wear these expressions and, only after they have shown themselves, do we try to repress them.

19 Expressions for V4.2 Base
One zero pose to remove all expressions.
One light set, based on my free lights, which was used to create the product icons.


Textures for Arkangel
Scoopback Bandeau Top


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    October 27, 2012

    The rar contains i13’s BeachyPoses instead of Surprise me, probably the files got mixed up. Can anyone fix and re-up please?

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