SuperGloves Infinite for Genesis 2 Female(s)

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SuperGloves Infinite for Genesis 2 Female(s)

If you like the SuperHose Infinite, you will love the SuperGloves!
Dress up in sexy armwear with infinite styling possibilites for your Genesis 2 Female(s).

SuperGloves Infinite can be any kind of gloves or sleeves you can imagine. And it will automatically fit any morph you dial up in your Genesis 2 figure, that is a promise.
On top of that it bends smoothly and fits to any pose you apply.

Create thousands of different styles with the included styling options. Follow 5 easy steps and create your own personal SuperGlove style. Have a look at the promo images for all included options and just a small
selection of styles of what you can do with SuperHose Infinite.

We hope you like this set, thank you very much for viewing.

What you get with this package:

01 Geometry files (.duf)

01 Super-Conforming Weightmapped Gloves Figure for G2F (.duf)

19 Full Texture Styles (.duf)
01 Folds Displacement / Normalmap Style (.duf)
21 Length / Style Presets (.duf)
13 Glove Lengths
05 Sleeves Lengths
03 Finger Lengths
08 Gloves Trim Styles (.duf)
09 Sleeves Trim Styles (.duf)
06 Fingers Trim Styles (.duf)
50 Color Options (.duf)
03 Specularity Options for Leather (.duf)
03 Specularity Options for Latex (.duf)
01 Reset Style (.duf)


43 Texture, Transparency, Displacement, Normal, Bump Maps (4000×4000) (.jpg)



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