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Earth was in the throes of chaos. Global warming seared the countryside and the fate of earth was teetering on the brink of destruction. To save the dying planet The Great Force Of Creation decided to send an elite group of super beings. This elite group was called ?Super-Her?. Each Super-Her had a unique power that unified with the powers of other ?Super-Her?s? formed one of the most powerful forces in the universe.

?Super-Her Sweet Baby Jane ?is the second ?Super-Her? to arrive. Although sweet to look at if you are on her good side Sweet Baby Jane has the power of cunning and leadership. Her powers of observation are a benefit to her allies and a scourge to her enemies. Silently and sweetly she observes every situation with the eyes of a lioness. Facing danger her instincts are precise and deadly. She can track an enemy even into the depths of the mountains or lead her allies away from danger. She knows who her true friends and allies are while her cunning allows her to silently observe her enemies. Surprise is a deadly force to be reckoned with and many of her enemies who mistook her gentle sweetness for weakness met their end from her swift and sure attack.

?Super-Her Sweet Baby Jane ? arrives into your runtime ready to ally with you. Her custom head is a combination of V4 morphs and custom sculpted morphs to give her a unique and queenly look. She has the traditional ?Super-Her ?voluptuous body with long legs, tiny waist and elegant bosom. Her wardrobe is fit for a queen with 3 velvet bodygloves custom designed for her. She also has a detailed conforming corset that matches her bodygloves and a dynamic skirt that brings elegance and beauty with a freedom of movement.

In the universe each ?Super-Her ?is a queen. The elite force of super beings that can smile and pose as a sensuous pinup or do battle with the enemy. Click the button and add the amazing power of ?Super-Her Sweet Baby Jane ?to your runtime and perhaps your life.


1 SweetJane Custom sculpted Head Inj and Rem
1 SweetJane Body Inj and Rem
1 Natural Head Texture with brows
1 Natural Head Texture without brows
3 MakeUps with eyebrows
5 MakeUps without eyebrows
10 Eye colors some with reflections and some without.
6 Lip colors with
rsr files are included



Elegance Of Her Head
SedaleSilk for HiddenWinds


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