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Day and night HDRI, Poseable doors, dressers, table lamps, electrical cord, pot lights, light switches, toilet, and faucets, Morphing curtains, Morphing picture frames, Morphing louvres on closet doors, 3 duvet versions(made, messy and extra messy),2 sets of pillow which can be rearranged or parts hidden. Bathroom mirror and lights figure can be rearranged or parts hidden.

Utility mats for Luxus to turn lights on/off and for merging light groups for faster renders. Main room and bathroom are figures so walls can be hidden for more camera angle options. Wall tiles, ceiling tiles and wood paneling can also be hidden.

Everything is arranged in groups so the main room, bathroom and hall can easily be hidden to help render times.

This product includes:

1 DSON Core Installer


Mec4D Queen Of Hearts For Genesis 2 Female(s)
Steam Punk Nest


  1. Name

    March 17, 2014

    I got a message when I tried to extract it, File is in an unkown format or damaged. Anyway this can be fixed and reupped? Please and thank you,

    • Blazer

      March 29, 2014

      Sorry for late reply, I just read your comment only now. I just downloaded the file and did not encounter any error message. Try re-downloading it. Many times I download a file and get an error message and when I re-download it again it works just fine.

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