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Let’s get the jama party started!!

Sugar Jamaz is perfect for all your girls … whether they’re sleeping, relaxing, cuddling, or just about anything you can dream up. This set is sexy, sassy, and versatile. Five fun and fabulous textures for the camisole and 6 for the drawstring pants.

Sugar Jamaz will follow the morphs included in each one for V4, A4, and G4, however, there
are also non-crosstalk versions of each piece for those of you who prefer to dial up your own morphs.

Sugar Jamaz drawstring pants were created with versatility and realism in mind. The pants load with the “Default Stand” morph dialed to 1.00 so that when your character is standing flat footed, the pants will fall naturally across the top of the foot. In other poses, the foot may appear to move through the bottom leg of the pants, HOWEVER, there are many morphs included in each shin of the pants to adjust them into whatever pose you require. In this way, you can control the movement and it is much easier to achieve a more natural looking hemline, whether your character is standing flat, sitting, or lying down. I encourage you to explore the morphs included in each shin of the pants.

There are several movement morphs in the waist of the cammy to raise or lower the bottom, and also in the BODY of the pants, to adjust the waistline.


Sharon HairStyle for V4 and Genesis


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