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Be a Stylista!

Stylista is a stand alone pack brought to you by Sorel & nirvy.

This pack is so full of fun things you won’t know where to begin and what to do first.:)
The ST_dummy is a standalone figure. You do not need V4 to use it.

The polygons of the mesh were grouped as is done for V4 clothing, with the polygon groups matching the internal names of the V4 bones.

The respective bones (including those that are not surrounded by polygons such as l and r ForeArm, l and r Shin, etc.) were created in order for V4 clothes to be able to properly conform onto the ST_dummy.

Due to the above, the ST_dummy can also be posed using most of the poses that would be applied to V4.


i13 Light SetZ
Spirit Wings


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    February 16, 2013

    Using this set and the Boutique/Shop set, you can produce your own complete haute-couture establishment for V4. Thanks for this share!

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