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Need a neighborhood for your characters to stroll around in? Why not design your own? Streets is an easy-to-use modular system. You load the pieces you need, and apply preset poses to link them together. There are four street units and five buildings, which can fit together in many different ways. The street textures have presets for U.S. right-hand or U.K. left-hand drive, dual and one-way traffic, and pedestrian crosswalks. Each of the buildings has several stores and upper floors with apartments. And of course, there are plenty of street furniture props, including bollards, signposts (thirty five different traffic signs) and traffic lights. You can even populate your neighborhood with typical U.S. items, like a mailbox or fire hydrant, or use the classic British red telephone booth and postbox.(Help file included).

Includes .DSA Materials Presets & Poses, plus .DSA scripts to load the correct Daz Studio material settings from the Poser directory.

Compatible with: Daz Studio 3.1 or higher Poser 6 or higher


Suburban House
Interiors The Diner


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    March 18, 2013

    Thanks much for this, Blazer! Youre a Helluva resource! 🙂

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