Street Race 2233

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Easy accessibility and simple operation soon raised great popularity of repulsor airscooter Basilisk 500 among the youth. Many young people, however, resented the low power and low speed of base model. Therefore, they often improve their airscooters with various auxiliary engines and aerodynamic cowling. Manufacturer of airscooter Basilisk 500 soon responed to their demands with production of enhanced variant known as Basilisk Racer. Basic design was extended with addition of two large military grade aircraft engines with appropriate fuel tank, and a series of aerodynamic covers, which should increase the speed even further. This model then became very popular, and despite its higher price. Around the
year 2233 the air around Vertipolis City swarmed by thousands of similar scooters in a number of different modifications.

Included are:

2 component figures: vehicle base (textured for racer), racer booster (engines with covers, hood, windshield)
1 multifigured vehicle preset: Basilisk Racer
5 full textures sets for racer booster any base figures (3 “hand-painted” original artworks, 2 factory brand schemes)
40 texture variants for airscooter body, displays and banners
Driver poses for M4 and V4
1 multi light preset


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