StoryPose – The Sacrifice

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The black hearted High Priestess prepares to sacrfice a pair of beautiful captives to the hellish powers that command her!

This StoryPose package tells a story in two parts- The first 20 poses depict the fate of the High Priestess’s first victim as she prepares an offering of flesh for her evil masters… but as the Priestess moves to sacrifice the second girl (poses 21-50) she finds her prey ready for a fight! The sixth set in the StoryPose line, The Sacrifice features 50 comprehensive poses, 25 cameras, and 4 instances of the obsidian Sacrificial Dagger prop used in the set. Daggers parented to V4, with regular and reverse grip for the right and left hand are included.

With the StoryPose system these poses can be used individually or linked together to reveal the Priestess’s evil plan and uncover fate of her would-be victims!

1 Reset Pose for the body is also included, along with non-functioning Guide Poses that let you know when to import which dagger, and who to parent it to, should you choose to use the poses consecutively. The set works well with limits on OR off.


Grissel Fantasy Armor
Body Language 13 - Hotties- V4


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