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Beautiful creatures going bump in the night… Alone in the dark an innocent girl is caught by a deadly and seductive predator. And as the vampiress plays with her prey it becomes clear that death is only the beginning!

The story is a classic minisode of vampiric horror- a lovely young woman is stalked by a deadly vampiress, and finds that even an all out sprint is no match for the preternatural speed of her enemy; the struggle is brief and breathless as the vampiress drinks deeply from the throat of her prey, and bestows upon her the dark gift of eternal life… The fifth set in the StoryPose line, Once Bitten features 50 comprehensive poses and 25 cameras to guide you as the chilling drama unfolds! With the StoryPose system these poses can be used individually or linked together to reveal the story. The set works well with limits on OR off.

1 Reset Pose for the body is also included, along with a BONUS pose set and camera that showcases the classic vampire and victim scenario as depicted in the main image above.


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