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Dorian Raine’s quest to cleanse the continent of its vampiric curse had been a long one… now all that remained was to destroy the vile Salise and her maker; the vampire queen herself- Gabriella Von Helstadt… StoryPose presents an epic tale of the battle between good and evil:

This massive package includes 57 poses and 33 cameras depicting the battle between our vampire hunting hero and a pair of blackhearted seductress vampires. The three-pose bonus scene features the vampires wrapped in each other’s arms and hissing at Dorian Raine as he approaches them- these bonus poses are on display in the main ad render. Also included in this pack is the StoryPose Smart Light- a classy soft light with over-the-shoulder highlights parented to the main camera for incredible ease of use: See the final ad image for more details and demonstration.

Completing the set is the Stake Prop used by the vampire hunter (generously provided by Kaleya from the Freestuff section here at Renderosity!), as well as a hand pose for getting a grip on the stake and a Reset Body pose to reposition each figure to zero coordinates for x, y, and z. With the StoryPose system these poses can be used individually or linked together to reveal the bloodthirsty battle between a pair of ancient lusty vampiresses and the slayer who has tracked them down…



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