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Need to make your character look intelligent as well as pretty? Or perhaps you just need a ‘too cool for school’ look? Either way, here is the solution.

Steel Frame Specs is a pack of five steel framed specs suitable for most of your characters, The specs are modeled around Genesis, but as smart props they can be adjusted (via morphs) to fit virtually any human figure in DAZ Studio or Poser.

The Five styles of frames are based on common real world designs, they consist of; Aviators, Designer Round, Designer Square, Vintage Round and modern half-frames. The set includes a combined total of 56 mats and partial mats, there are also eight plus material zones, making each pair very shader friendly.

The arms of the specs have their own bones so they may be folded realistically and also used as hand props or hung on a shirt collar.

Finally, *for DAZ Studio only* there are 16 ‘quick fit’ shape presets for the more popular Genesis and Genesis 2 Female shapes.





Light High Heel Sandals
Real World Heroes Police Officer M4 H4


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        July 31, 2013

        Well thats like shunning people who can’t afford a premium account. The whole reason I don’t buy 3D stuff is cause I cant afford it. So I go to site like this. But making it downloadable only for premium members (which cost money) kinda defeats the perpous of these sites.

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          August 2, 2013

          there are plenty of other items here you can download without the need for Premium membership. ALL of MY items marked with QTY Premium membership required will be available to all members within several days from the posting dates. I am simply giving QTY premium members first dibs.

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          August 3, 2013

          I completely agree with you princessdawn982. Like we need an elitist attitude in a community that “shares”

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    July 29, 2013

    I too would like to know why one needs to have a premium account to be able to download your file.

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