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Steampunk::Slave the ironclaw suit for Vicky 3.

Steampunk::Slave is an original metal suit for Victoria 3, composed of 7 different pieces:

? Top/bodice with short chains
? Top/bodice with long chains
? Pantie
? Shins pieces
? Arms pieces

in three styles:
? Steampunk (with cyberpunk version for shins and top pieces)
? Titanium reflection
? Metal Reflection

Create dynamic images moving the chains all around your characters’ body or in the air. All the chains are easy posable so it’s quite easy to make them move or float in a nice and dynamic way, moreover there are some pre-set poses for each piece of clothing to get you started.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you must load Vicky before any piece of clothing to have the JCM (Joint Control Morphs) to work. (This is especially true for the arm pieces because, since they will parent to the figure, if you load them before Vicky Poser will lock up).

To make the claws not distort we decided to make them not bending, this means that they will follow the character’s movements but sometimes some manual adjustment may be necessary, in any case you’ll never see the claws distorted or shrinked/enlarged in a unrealistic way but they will remain ad they are since they’re supposed to be made of metal. The same stands for the chains.
Since they do not bend in extreme poses poke-through of shin, arm and claws of the top parts may happen. If any poke-through happens it can be adjusted using the MORPHS present in each piece of clothing or using the ROTATE DIALS.
Realism in this case means Vicky has to adapt herself to the clothing, not the contrary.

In the textures folder (:runtime:textures:awfulsoul:steamslave) you will find 2 plain textures, one in cyberpunk style, the other in steamslave style. These 2 textures have no numbering on them to be used as they are or customized as you prefer, adding the letters and numbers you want, for example. This was done to let you customize the product as you prefer making it even more yours.
Look for “spksneckcustomcy.jpg” and/or “spksneckcustomdef.jpg” if you want to give them a try.

– TUTORIALS: to find some tutorials about the Steampunk::Slave follow the link: Aery Soul’s product Tutorial section and feel free to post any comment/suggestion or question you may have regarding the product.

For further instructions, please, refer to the ReadMe file (Poser*:AwfulSoulInfo:SteampunkSlave_README.txt). For any problem you may run into refer to the contact information you can find at the end of the page or in the readme file.

? original mesh
? top in 2 versions: with short or long chains
? professional detailed textures
? bodice “claws” do not distort since they don’t bend and can be adjusted using the morphs included
? various morphs to fit different body shapes
? 3 different styles for different needs
? many poses to hide various parts and customize the various pieces
? easy posable chains
? pre-set poses for the chains
? 3 highlight levels to make each piece more or even more highlighted
? versatily for each piece can be used alone and they look great together

The usual body morphs are not present but each piece of clothing and each claw HAS MORPHS useful to fit it to many body shapes or to solve poke-through issues. Most of the times claw can simply be adjusted using rotate dials.
No limits were set so that one can move them in any way (also opening them as showed in one of the promo pic).

Complete list of morphs
SpkS_Top SpkS_Pantie SpkS_Arms (Lft & Rgt) SpkS_Shins (Lft & Rgt)
[Body Morphs]
Back Out
Neck Size

[right/left Arm]
Fit Side
Back Out
Arm Rotate Up&Down
Arm Rotate
Claw Up&Down
Claw Out
Claw Rotate
Claw Size

[right/left Lower Arm]
Claw Up&Down
Claw Out
Claw Rotate
Claw Size
Front Up
Left Size
Right Size
Front High
Enlarge Bottom
Enlarge Top
[Left/Right Shin]
Gastroc Size
Back Out
Enlarge Bottom
Enlarge 1
Enlarge 2

We recommend to try the morphs even without the model inside the clothes to better understand how they work. If you need any help, explanation and/or suggestion about the morphs and how they work feel free to contact us.

SOME DETAILS (for more details check out website or ask us for a link):
Since it would be difficult to show all the features of the product in only 3 images we set up the following gallery (another with the complete set worn and more features shown is available on our Products Support forum). Please, take a look to see the details of each piece of clothing.


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