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Crafted in a vision of steam punk styling, Jillian steps out in her brand new costuming for the world to see. Transform your favorite V4 character from casual catalog humdrum to a rocking steam punk diva with a style all her own.

SteamPunk Outfit for V4 & SteamPunk Accessories for V4
-High Resolution Textures with realistic wear and stitching.
-High Resolution Bump textures with realistic wear and stitching.
-Specially Crafted Joint Structure for Realistic Skirt movement.

-Extreme Details in Goggles and Necklace (high resolution)
-Attention payed to every detail down to the eyelets on the buckle straps and screws on the goggles!

-Specially Crafted Shader Materials for Poser 5+ to give a worn old canvas/leather feel
-Specially Crafted Shader Presets for DS to give the worn old canvas/leather feel
-Advanced Shader Presets built with the Shader Mixer for the best possible results.

-Elite Shader Presets built to mimic the Advanced Shader Presets for DS2 and DS3 users
-Basic Shader Presets for DS users and Poser 4 users, each given in their own native format

Jillian Hair for V4
-Each hair texture set contains 3 layers of high resolution textures and transparency maps!
-Hidden joints in ponytail and bangs allowing rotational and twisting movement for realistic movement and posing
-DS2 and DS3 Materials Support!
-Elite Human Surface Shader Presets included offering beautiful renders with the shine and soft glow of healthy hair for your realistic renders
-Poser Shaders Mats are specially crafted to offer the most realistic renders with the soft shine and glow of healthy hair
-Poser Non Shader mats are crafted for Poser 4Pro or Poser4Render Engine users.
-Numerous Morphs included to adjust the fit around non default character shapes.
-Hair Scalp is laid out in one large relaxed piece on its own layer for ease of texturing.
-Hair Strands are all laid out in rectangular pieces for ease of texturing. The Ponytail has its own layer, the head portion and bangs their own layer and the hair tie its own layer, allowing for the best use of space and for texturers to put the detail and resolution exactly where it’s needed.


SUPERVISION for Space Dweller for V4
Diva Christine Bundle


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